At The Leisure Club Coffee Bar in Pensacola, we are dedicated to making exceptional coffee. Each year since opening, our local customers have voted us "The Best Coffee Shop" and "The Best Cup of Coffee" in the IN Weekly's "Best of the Coast" awards.

So what makes the coffee at The Leisure Club so special?

We start with a remakable product. Our coffee beans are sourced exclusively by Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea. The beans are shipped directly from family-owned farms across the world where Intelligentsia pays a high percentage above fair trade. They don't just buy coffees; they actually develop them while working alongside the growers. We believe in this approach that expands economic opportunity and culinary possibility.


Intelligentsia roasts our beans every week and ships them the next day to The Leisure Club Coffee Bar location in Pensacola. This weekly roasting rotation ensures our customers always enjoy the freshest cup of coffee possible.

The talented baristas at The Leisure Club Coffee Bar carefully prepare each cup and hand-craft each espresso. Every espresso shot is pulled on a La Marzocco GB/5 machine. We take great pride in every cup of coffee we serve. We want great coffee to be respected, yet approachable and always fun to explore at our coffee bar.